Why Using Cheap View Providers Is A Bad Idea

Nowadays alot of view providers are offering free or cheap youtube views for new customers.. But is this really a good idea?

I know at this point most of you are probably thinking how can this be a bad idea when there free or so cheap! Well let me elaborate alittle…

Providers who offer views for next to nothing can often do this because most of the time they are not paying for them! Or the views are of extremley low quality (scripts, bots or traffic exchange). These type of views are easily caught by youtube, after all they are owned by Google and these guys dont play around when it comes to gaming their algorithm.

What will happen if im caught?

  • Video de-ranked (your video will not gain any natural views)
  • Video removal
  • Channel & account ban (When youtube does this it also blacklists your email and IP address. If this is not it enough it will also place java, flash and browser cookies on your pc to make it extremley hard to the average joe to sign back up.

So how can i avoid this?

Always use a provider who suppliers (real) natural reviews , this is usually providers who have threads on forums or are on a marketplace and this is the best solution because there reviews cannot be faked. Always do deep research when buying views because your account and videos are at risk when buying fake ones.

So how can i get real views?

If you still need cheap views then use fiverr, its just as cheap and you can find  5 star rated providers with hundreds of reviews for as little as $5.  This site is basically the eBay of digital services with thousands of sellers offering services from general outsourcing, article writing and design giggs to youtube views so its handy if you need other services.

Fiverr is a strict market place that does not take kindly to sellers providing fake or botted views, people supplying these usually get banned really quickly and if they manage to avoid thise then there feedback will often reflect the type of service they are offering anyway.

Fiver tips

  • You can get free views if you contact sellers and ask them for a sample before purchasing.
  • You get views for as little as $4 with the promo code “MAXB20” (20% off)
  • You can filter out new sellers by enabling the side bar on the left of the page (see below)





Author: mbl

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